Christmas Message

Here are some icypole stick stars that we made at Pre School this week.  A great activity for visual-motor skills.  We sprayed them gold and the children took them home to add to their other decorations.

Merry Christmas to all the families.  Thank you for all your support during 2017.  You have been a great bunch to work with.  Have a safe and restful holidays and we will see you all in 2018.

Merrilyn and Gayle

Christmas Lunch

Today was another tradition – we cooked Christmas lunch with the four year olds.

We made Roast Chicken, Potatoes, carrots and peas. For dessert we had Lemon Yoghurt Cakes with cream cheese icing and cherries.

WE also made gingerbread men and shortbread stars to feed our guests at our Playgroup day and Concert tomorrow.

The children learnt how to set the table and how to use a knife and fork. We talked about good manners and what was healthy and not so healthy about our lunch.

“The good things in the cake made up for the sugar.” – Elise

Hospital Christmas Visit

Today was our Christmas Concert at the hospital in Manangatang.  We did four songs and dances for the residents.  Then we had a sing-a-long with everyone.  Jess played a keyboard, Peter played a piano accordion and Marg sang.  Thank you to these people who came all the way from Robinvale for our sing-a-long.  The hospital cooks made us some little Christmas cakes and we each got a little present.  Then we presented the residents with a painting on canvas for their Christmas present.  Over the year we have built a lovely relationship with the organisation and the children are so comfortable in the environment.  Visiting the residents regularly helps us see past differences to the people underneath.  We have also learned to wash our hand on entering and leaving the hospital.

Oh Christmas Tree

WE made Christmas Trees by threading beads onto pipe cleaners and winding it around icypole sticks set in a triangle shape.  We revised our concept of a ‘triangle’ and we further developed our fine motor skills with all that threading.  These made very pretty ornaments for our handprint Christmas tree.

A Zip Line

  Mitchell wanted to take a ball of wool outside for play last week.  He made a ‘zipline’ down the slide.  It was pretend of course and we had to remind children that it would really hold their weight!  Then they used the wool to make a web around all the play equipment.  This created a challenge for moving around the softfall area.  The children had to go ‘under’, ‘over’ and ‘through’.

Christmas Gifts

We made Christmas gifts for our families and the Hospital Residents this week.  We wrapped our canvas’ in wool and sprayed watered down paint onto the canvas.  Once the paint was dry we took off the wool to reveal a lovely pattern.  Then we painted some wrapping paper and wrapped them up to put under our trees at home.  Spraying the bottles required considerable finger, or thumb, strength.


Wednesday morning was beautiful; weather and so we ate our morning tea outside under a shady tree.  We had cherries on our share plate today.  Lily commented, “I haven’t had cherries for a long time.”  When I asked her why she said “Because it’s not the right time.”  I said, “Yes, cherries are ripe in Summer”  We also discussed that you could buy cherries at other times in the year but they are very expensive because they come from overseas.

Ten Apples Up On Top

Ten Apples Up On Top is a book by Dr Seuss.  We use this book to reinforce oral and one-to-one counting to 10.  Over two days we did two counting activities with this book.  The first one had the numbers in order and the second one had random numbers.  The children had to read the numeral and put the correct number of apples on the animals head (we did this by printing using paint and glue sticks).  The first day the numbers were in order and we learnt that if we don’t keep our lines straight then we will run out of space at the end.  So on the second day we tried to keep our lines straight.  Why didn’t I rule the children lines?  Because a big part of being a mathematician is organising the maths – so we keep the maths messy!  Our columns we much straighter on day 2!