A Stick Insect

Lily found a stick insect on the way to Pre School yesterday.  It was on a tap near the Senior Citizens building.  We all went out to have a look.  It had amazing with and green stripes on its body and it was very big.  We had a good look at it with the magnifying glasses.  What does it eat?  Stick insects eat leaves – but not all leaves, each species has a favourite leaf they like to eat.  It is called a stick insect because it looks like a stick and it has six legs like all insects.

Today we found a cricket inside the room.  The girls feed it a variety pf plants and they tried to catch some flies for it – “because we don’t know what they eat.’  then they gave it some water.  We learnt that crickets eat both plants and animals – they are omnivores.

The Door Bell Rang






This is a great story to introduce the concept of ‘sharing’ with the children.  Each time the doorbell rings the children have to re share out the cookies so that everyone get the same amount.  We used plastic people and counters to represent what was happening in the story.  They children shared by ones and they learnt to go around the people until there were no cookies left.

Jumping and Thinking

The four year olds enjoyed the challenge of jumping on the footprints.  The footprints faced different ways and they had to make sure they jumped to match the picture.

Smartie Maths

We enjoyed some Smartie Maths today.  I modelled the task to the children.  They had to draw columns on their paper, then sort their smarties into colours.  Then they had to put the smarties into columns like a graph.  We talked about most, more and less.  The children compared the columns.  Then we counted the number of smarties in each column and had a go at writing the numerals.  Finally we counted how many smarties we had altogether.  Some packets had more than others!  And then we got to taste them.

Cats and Dogs

Using inspiration from facebook, we practiced our cutting skills to create dogs and cats from magazines.  The children had to cut out the pattern and paste it onto the magazine pages.  Then they had to cut our the shapes again.  They had fun putting the pieces together and then adding some collage for an extra dimension.

Bird of Paradise











On Thursday we used a stem of a ‘Bird of Paradise’ as inspiration at our art easel.  We talked about the colours that we would need to make our art.  Thye children were interested in how the plant got it’s name and we could see how the bloom looked like a bird.


For the past three weeks we have had Mel helping us while Mrs Gayle recovers from an operation.  Mel made us puzzles from magazine pictures.  They were of varying difficulty.  The children put the puzzles together for their portfolios.  Thank you for your input during the past three weeks Mel – we have had a busy time.

Dress up Day

Hospital Visit

We got a lovely surprise when we went to the hospital for our visit this week.  Heather had the Day Room decorated for Halloween and there were lots of child sized costumes all around.  The children asked if they could dress-up.  They had great fun choosing their costumes.  After some photos with all the residents we played some games.