Welcome to the first blog for the Manangatang and District Pre School.  This blog has been created to help families link in with what their children are doing at Pre School.  You can subscribe to this site and you will be emailed when new posts are made.  Alternatively, you can add it to your favourites and become a regular visitor.  We welcome comments that will enhance learning opportunities for our children.

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. What a great way to share and see what the little ones are learning. I appreciate it as I can’t get there in person, and a
    I’m sure others will love the chance to do the same. Thanks.

  2. Wow! What an excellent way for me, Lachlan’s Nanny from Qld, to keep up with the wonderful fun filled activities happening at Pre-school. I’ll really look forward to checking out this page regularly! Thanks Mrs Grant!

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