The Gingerbread Man

Tuesday 5th February

Today we enjoyed the story of the Gingerbread Man.  Some of the children had already heard the story and could tell us about the characters and quote “Run, Run …..”  At the back of the story was a recipe.  By directing the children to focus on the pictures accompanying the text, one of the children was able to tell me that it was a recipe for how to make Gingerbread Men.  When we made the recipe we had so much dough left that we decided to make them again the next day.  The children were much more efficient at rolling and extra creative with their decorating having had the experience the previous  day.  Our Gingerbread Men were YUM!  In outdoor play a few days later the children used the felt Gingerbread Teddy and took turns in playing the roles of the Gingerbread man and the Fox.  This fits with Communication as we were retelling the story in our play.

One thought on “The Gingerbread Man

  1. Hi there, Manangatang kinder kids – your gingerbread men look great – I bet they were delicious! we/ve been cooking at Ouyen – we made pancakes for Pancake Tuesday! We wonder if you did too?

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