Daisy Duck

Lachlan’s Mum brought in their new pet to Pre School today.  Daisy is a black and yellow duckling and is about a week old.  We sat in a circle to watch her antics.  Our rule was that Daisy was allowed to touch us, but so that she didn’t become stressed, we were not allowed to touch her.  Daisy loved playing with Hailee.  We think it was because Hailee’s clothes were black and yellow – like Daisy! Hailee said, “She thinks I am her sister!”  We put Daisy in the water canel outside and and she had a lovely time paddling around.  Daisy ate an ant from Cooper’s shorts.  We watched Daisy having fun for a long, long time.  She was so cute.  We all laughed when she landed on her back and had trouble getting back onto her legs.  We learnt that Daisy must eat wet grain and grated carrot and that she might change colour as she grows up.  Daisy likes to follow people.  Thank you for sharing your pet with us today Lachlan.

One thought on “Daisy Duck

  1. Daisy duck is just gorgeous Lachlan. I bet she loved visiting all your friends at Pre-school. I can’t wait to see her too. Please look after her very well until I come to visit next week.

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