Water Fun

We have been playing with the boats and channel systems for two weeks.  Today we packed up the chanels and filled the dry creek bed with water.  The girls were calling it ‘Rocky Rockville’ and they enjoyed sitting in the cool water.  Anders said, “Lets move the rocks so the boat can come through.”  They were trying to get the boat to move under the bridge and out the other side.  Together the children moved lots of rocks to make a channel.

“My boat will come out the other side of the river.”

“It’s coming out.  Look under the bridge.  It’s stuck.  I can’t get it.  You wait there and I will splash some water through to see if it will come through.  Oh it came out.”

“We’ve got another problem now.”

“I’ll get it.  I have longer arms than you, don’t I?”

Some of the children worked on this for over 40 minutes.  Lots of problem solving and collaboration happening here!


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