Puppet Show

Today Tay brought some very special puppets in to share for Morning Meeting.  They were finger puppets hand knitted by his Great-Great-Grandma.  They were very old and special.  We talked about playing with these puppets with respect and treating them with care.  To have a puppet show we needed a puppet theatre.  We found a large voting booth box and set about turning it into a theatre.  Mrs Gayle and Mrs Grant put on a puppet show for us to model how it was done.   This was a good time to reinforce our ‘audience manners’.  We can laugh and smile and clap and listen but it is not respectful to talk during a performance.   We worked in pairs and presented our own puppet shows to the group.  This is great to develop our imagination and communication skills.  Next we will try to retell some popular Fairy Tales and Traditional Stories.

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