Writing a Song

Today Chelsea wanted to write a song.  She asked teachers how she would write a song.  Teachers said “We have never written a song before.  How do you think it would look?”  At this stage we were unsure whether she meant the ‘words’ or the ‘music’.  It turns out that she wanted to write the music.  Chelsea said she thought it would look like dots and she started drawing.  She wasn’t entirely happy with what she had done (but we could recognise that she was writing musical notes) and turned the page to have another go.  I gave her a example of sheet music and then she started again.  Isabel joined her at the table at this stage and they worked side by side.  Our challenge as teachers is to take this song and transfer it to instruments with Chelsea.


Today we all got our instruments out and the children who wrote the songs got to lead our playing by being conductors.  We talked about where we go when we get to the end of the line and how reading music is like reading a story.


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