We are having a holiday from Pre School tomorrow for ANZAC Day.  This week we talked about the ANZAC Story.  We read Isabel’s picture story book about Simpson’s Donkey and helping one another.  We got to see badges and buttons that Isabel’s Great Grandfather collected when he was a soldier.  Then we made ANZAC biscuits like the ladies did during war time to send over to the soldiers.  We ate them for morning tea.  We looked on the world map to find where the ANZACS faught in Turkey and we looked at other places in the world where the war was going on at the same time.  One of the children had recently got back from Darwin and had visited a army site.  We enjoyed these photos.


Mrs Grant brought her pet lambs in today.  We got to feed them from bottles.  They chased us and we chased them.  We know that lambs drink milk and nibble on grass and leaves.  They cuddle up together to sleep.  We carried them around and even took them for a pretend visit to the vet.

Celebrating with the wider Community

Today we went for a walk down to the park to celebrate the opening of the extension to the playing area with our community.  The park is a place well utilised by all our pre school families and the youngest members of our community will really benefit from, and enjoy all the work that has been done now and in future years.  We enjoyed being a part of our wider community and learnt when to sit still and listen and when to clap during an official ceremony.