Like all the farming families in the district, the Pre School children are anxiously watching the sky for signs of rain.  Anders brought his umbrella to Pre School last week because he was sure they were rain clouds.  After discussing this with Anders, Lachlan came up to me and said, “Excuse me Mrs Grant, but you should have asked me about the clouds because I am the rainman.”  Lachlan told me that the grey clouds were the rain clouds.  We did two experiments.  In the first one we put boiling water in the bottom of a jar and then put a metal bowl of ice on the top and watched the drops form on the bottom of the dish and fall into the water.  The second experiment shows how rain falls when the clouds get really heavy.  We put cold water in a jar and shaving foam on top.  Then we poured blue food dye onto the cloud of shaving foam and watched the blue rain come down.

We have played with shaving foam, painted clouds and enjoyed the Eric Carle book ‘Little Cloud’.  We have made rain pictures with droplets of coloured rain and made clouds from cotton wool and stuffing.  Google images gave us some good examples of different sorts of clouds and I have include this in the post for families information. Clouds.  Families might also like to visit the web site  The information on this site will help you answer all your children’s questions.



So look skyward over the weekend and hopefully we will see some of those rain making clouds called

Nimbostratus or Cumuluonimbus!

2 thoughts on “Clouds

  1. I couldn’t stop laughing at Lachlan’s comment. His father is always telling him he is more accurate than the weather bureau. The experiments sound like a great way to explain the water cycle to the children.

  2. I hope Lachlan gets some rain to come soon – over our way would be good too – what a wonderful topic of enquiry…

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