Balancing Act

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Our see saw became a giant balance scale this week.  The boys were interested in using the rocks from the creek bed to make it stay balanced.

“That is really stable, so don’t touch it!”  – Anders

So Lachlan stacked his rock in the centre.

Cooper wanted to see if the rock would stay there balanced all night.  We set them up carefully at the end of the day.

The teacher posed a question:  What could cause the scale to over balance and knock the rocks off?

A fox could bump them – Cooper

A rabbit could jump up – Cooper

It could be really windy – Anders

Could rain cause it to over balance? – Mrs Grant

No! – Everyone

Maybe hail – Anders

The next morning our scale was still perfectly balanced and the children were trialing a large rock and lots of small rocks.

Chelsea wanted to put one more rock on – but Cooper was carefully protecting the balance.




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