Dragon Fun

We are fascinated with Dragons at Pre School.  A Dragon called Dinky wrote a letter to us to tell us more about Dragons.  The letter was a bit burnt around the edges!  It is hard for dragons to write letters when they breathe fire all of the time.  We have been writing letters back to Dinky.  We ask him questions so that we can learn more about dragons.P1060544 P1060545 P1060508 P1060507 P1060506 P1060505 P1060504 P1060499 - Copy

We have made a dragon world in our tray….

P1060554 P1060553

We have painted dragons from pictures…

P1060496 P1060498 P1060495 P1060494 - Copy

We are loving the Paul Jennings stories about Rascal the Dragon.  We know a lot about dragons.  We dress up as princesses, knight and dragons and play in our box castle.

Now we know all about dragons, next Term we are going to make our own dragon.

We love the Poem called Dragons Kisses and we have all taken a copy home to share.


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