Skinny Snakes

During lunch today Jayda asked, “Why are snakes so skinny?”  We have been thinking about this. Cooper said, “It is because they have to slide!” I have been researching our answer on google.  Does any one have a snake skeleton at home to show the children?  Stay tuned for the answer tomorrow!

Why are snakes so skinny?

Not all snakes are really skinny.  Snakes that burrow into the ground are shorter and thicker and snakes that swim have flatterned bodies.  Snakes that climb trees are longer and thinner.  This helps them wind around the branches and get up the trees.

1.  They don’t have any arms and legs – so they don’t need shoulders and pelvises and all the muscles that go with arms and legs.

2.  They have cold blood and it is quicker to warm something skinny in the sun than something fat.

3.  Being thin helps snakes to wriggle on the ground and move fast.

We learn a lot through our wonderings!