Heavy Work

Last Term I attended a workshop on Sensory Integration by Gen Jerob.  Shewas talking about helping children manage themselves by regularly feeding them a sensory diet throughout the day.  We have tried many of these activities and had a positive response from the children.  The sensory diet involves what she terms “Heavy Work”.  This means the children are off their feet (crawling, wriggling, planking, climbing, hanging etc) or need to regain their balance on uneven surfaces.  We also practiced deep breathing at the end to relax.

Here are some photos.  Of course doing it to music is lots more fun.  We use the Rock Ed CD’s




2 thoughts on “Heavy Work

    • The Rock Ed CDs are great. There is Rock Movement One and Rock Movement Two. One has tracks for walking, running, spinning, skipping, jumping, dancing etc (Each movement has at least two different speeds) Two has animal tracks – monkey, rabbit, dog snake etc.
      http://www.rockedmusic.com Composed John Duff 1986 & 1987.

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