Anders has a vote.

Anders has a vote.

We are having a Federal Election in Australia in September and yesterday we had an election of sorts at our Pre School.  Mrs Grant bought three beanie bears and we had to each vote for our favourite to see which bear was the most popular.  The most popular bear will become our mascot and we will take him home with us and on holidays around Victoria, Australia and even the world!

We set up a polling booth and we had to put our names on a chart next to our favourite bear.  Cuddles the Midnight Bear won by one vote from Aussie Bear.  Cuddles will visit your house one night in the near future.  Have fun writing a story about what he gets up to in our Bear Book.





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  1. Manangatang Kids love this idea. We thought that may be Cuddles and Funky Monkey could go in the post (like Flat Stanley! and spend a week at the different Kinders. We could record what they do!

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