PIG is a fun card game that we learnt at Pre School this week.  All you need is a pack of cards.

How to Play:

Sit in a circle.

Deal out two cards each.

If you have a pair you quietly (this was the hard bit!) put your hand on your nose.

Everyone needs to watch because they have to put their hand on their nose when they see someone else.

Last person with their hand on their nose is out (we didn’t play this bit)

If no one has a pair you all put a card face down on the floor and some one says PASS and you pass your card to the person on your left and check if you have a pair.

Keep passing the cards around until you have a winner.

If you have a pair you get a ‘P’ then an ‘I’ and then a ‘G’.  The winner is ‘PIG’


This game is great for concentrating, co-operating and matching.




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