We Have Tadpoles!

Due to the very warm weather last week our eggs hatched sooner than anticipated.  When we came to Pre School on Tuesday we saw lots of little wriggly things in our tank!  They are very tiny so we use the magnifying glass to help us see.  Our tadpoles are not swimming around a lot yet.  They will OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcling to plant matter, the walls and the bottom of the tank for up to 10 days until they mature.  We will know when they have matured because they will start swimming everywhere.  Then we need to start feeding them.  We have boiled the lettuce leaves for 10 minutes, chopped it up and stored it in ice cube trays in the frezzer in preparation.  If we don’t feed then they will eat each other!

We are learning so much about tadpoles.  We are singing the Bonkers Beat song to learn how tadpoles change into frogs.


2 thoughts on “We Have Tadpoles!

  1. Ouyen got a delivery of eggs yesterday too! can you recommend a good tadpole inmfo site for us – we ahve some good books but nowhere does it say how long the procves should take.
    Good luck with yours!~

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