Emu Caller

Hailee brought a boomerang and an emu caller to Morning Meeting.  They belong to her family.  The boomerang had patterns painted on it.  We got out the book we published last year on Aboriginal Symbols to refresh our memory on what the mean.

Hailee showed us how to call an emu.  Some children thought we should take it outside and try to call an emu.  Tay said “We should take it to Bush Kinder because that’s where emus live.  In the wild.”  So we decide we would do that.  The children were concerned that Lachlan was away and wouldn’t know how to use it.  Hailee suggested that we write Lachlan a letter.  I suggested that we put it on the BLOG.  Thank you for sharing your culture with us Hailee.


2 thoughts on “Emu Caller

  1. Lachlan was very pleased to not have missed out on sharing Hailee’s wonderful cultural pieces. The emu caller was very cool!

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