Bush Kinder 4

Today was the last day of Bush Kinder for 2013.  It was hot and sticky and every fly in Australia must have been there to greet us!  Today was about just enjoying revisiting all the things we have done in the past four weeks.






We did some more climbing, ran through the dry channel bed again and went for a walk.






Tay showed me another hut that he and Mrs Gayle had built.  Lachlan found a stick.  He showed me the smooth bark and then what it looked like on the inside.






Everyone agreed to come home from Bush Kinder early today.  When we got home Mrs Grant drew us a map of Bush Kinder.  Then we all had a go at making our own maps.  After we made our maps we presented them to the group.

Here is Coopers and Anders’ Map and this is what they said.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This is our bus and that’s the toilet behind the bus.  This is the channel and this ‘x’ is where the rubbish is.  This is the hare that we saw running across the road.  This is is the bumpy road.  That one’s a camel and that’s a baby rabbit.  This is the lake.  These are the bushes.  This is the cubby.  That’s the bird nest.


Many children included their footprints on their maps.  All the children’s maps and stories are in their portfolios if parents would like to have a look before the holidays.


4 thoughts on “Bush Kinder 4

  1. What a fantastic progam. It is so great that the kids get to have experiences like this out in the bush. Cooper tells everyone he meets about bush kinder and has thoroughly enjoyed it. We are very lucky to have something like this offered at our preschool.

  2. Absolutely, it was great. Even though we all live in the local area many of us have never visited some of these places. Jayda loved this experience.

  3. Lachlan’s favourite part of Bush kinda was exploring and finding the bones. He tells everyone when he grows up he wants to be an archeologist.
    Douglas loved the boomerang the best, our plastic toy boomerangs have been played with alot at home after William showed them how to throw one.

  4. What an incredible experience. Tay has learnt so much from Bush Kinder. Everywhere we go he recognises bush berries, leaves, flowers and plants, animal prints and more. It is great for Cultural awareness, awareness of the environment and respect for the bush. Invaluable

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