Rubbish at Bush Kinder

If you have been following our BLOG you will have noticed that we have been finding lots of household rubbish being dumped in and around our Bush Kinder site.






We printed off the pictures A4 size and asked the children to talk about it.

Here is what they said:

Tay: It’s just rude.  They throw rubbish all around.


Cooper:  It’s just littering.


Jayda:  It’s not nice.


Ruby:  It’s naughty to throw rubbish around.


Anders:  It’s just junk.


Mrs Grant:  It spoils our Bush Kinder.


Provocation: What can we do about it?

The rubbish was too much for us to clean up – so we wrote a letter to the Swan Hill Shire to ask the council workers if they could come and help us.

November 6th 2013


Dear Swan Hill Shire Workers,


In October we go to Bush Kinder at Lake Lulla Reserve.

When we were at Bush Kinder we saw lots and lots of rubbish.  We can’t pick it up because it is too big, there is too much and it might be dangerous for us.

It is all junk and it is not meant to be there.  It makes our Bush Kinder look like a tip.

Can you please come and help us clean it up?  You will need to bring a big trailer, shovels and special gloves.




Children at Manangatang Pre School


We added photos and our thoughts about rubbish dumping.  The children then talked about how the Shire workers fix the roads.  They brainstormed all the other jobs they do for us in the community:  Mow the lawns at the park and around Pre School, empty the rubbish bins and clean the toilets.  Great job Shire workers!

The children will sign this letter and it will go in the post next week.  This is important learning for children about their role in keeping our community beautiful and safe.  We have learned how actions have consequences for other people.  Hopefully they will never become the people who dump rubbish once this real life learning experience is complete.







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