Help from the Swan Hill Shire

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe had a visit from Jenny who works with the Swan Hill Shire.  Jenny came to Manangatang to investigate the rubbish that we found dumped at Bush Kinder.  We showed her the photos and then we drew roughly where the rubbish was on a map for her to find.

Jenny explained to us the if the rubbish had any names for identification on it, then the Shire would contact the people involved and ask them to clean up the mess themselves.

If they don’t clean up the rubbish then the will be fined. (ie. have to pay money)

If Jenny can’t identify the owners of the rubbish, the Shire Workers will come down and clean it up and we will go out and help them.

Thank you to Jenny and the Swan Hill Shire for responding to our letter in such an prompt and interactive way.





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