National Quality Framework Assessment

All Australian Early Childhood Services are being assessed by the Department of Education (DEECD) according to a new National Standard from 2012 – 2014.  Our turn was at the end of November.

Our service was assessed under the following areas:

  • Educational Program and Practice
  • Child Health and Safety
  • Physical Environment
  • Staffing Arrangements
  • Relationships with Children
  • Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Community
  • Leadership and Service Management

We (Staff, Service Provider, Swan Hill Rural City Council and Committees) have been working hard towards a successful assessment since 2011.  I am very please to announce that we have achieved an overall rating of ‘Exceeding’ for every area.  For those who are unaware of the rating system this is ‘as good as it gets’.

While the bulk of the work falls on the staff and current committee, I would also like to acknowledge the following:

  • Current Committee – for support of staff in 2013 (President: Tarryn  Secretary: Ann  Treasurer: Natalie and all the helpers)
  • Swan Hill Rural City Council – for the indoor makeover of our centre and a grant towards our outdoor makeover.
  • Mallee Track Health and Community Services – Our Service Provider (Lois)
  • Past Committees – for their committment to funding continuous improvement and support of staff
  • Manangatang Community – for supporting fundraising over many years

Final thanks to Gayle, my Co Educator who was with me every step of the way.  A fantastic result for a small but very committed and active Pre School.


Christmas Wishes

To all our Pre School families we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Safe New Year.  It is a happy/sad day on our last day.  We are happy that the children are heading off to school full of enthusiasm and we are sad that they are leaving Pre School.  We are also sad to be saying good bye to some families as their last child leaves Pre School.

Those families who are signed up for our BLOG are invited to remain on our subscribers list into the future if you wish.  If you wish to unsubscribe and don’t know how to do it, send me a message in the new year  and I will do it for you.

Look for our new BLOG POSTS in February.

Enjoy your holidays.

Merrilyn and Gayle

Christmas Restaurant

P1060654 P1060651 P1060646 P1060644 P1060645

Hailee was pretending that she was out at a restaurant during some outside play with a picnic set a few weeks ago.  There was discussion amoung the children about where to put a napkin.  So we decided to set up a restaurant for our Christmas Party.  It was a Pizza Restaurant.  We set the table with crockery, glasses and serviettes.  We decorated it with Christmas decorations and printed menus.  We talked about manners and ‘waiting’ and using serviettes.  We made our own pizzas and had Chocolate Oreo Cakes for dessert (sometimes food for special occasions!!) It was a lovely lunch.  We also had a visit from Mrs Vine – who teaches us when Mrs Grant is away.  Merry Christmas Pre Schoolers.

Police Visit


Today we welcomed Leading Constable Andrew Downes to Pre School.  He talked to us about personal safety, bike safety and 000.  He also talked to the children about the dangers of talking and texting on phones while driving – so parents prepared to be reminded about this from the children!

Andrew drove his car into the playground and we heard the speaker and the siren.  The children asked lots of questions and offered lots of insight into the role of a policeman.  Thank you Andrew for your visit.

Hand Washing

This week Kylie, our community nurse, showed us how to wash our hands properly.  We put special powder on our hands that glowed on the ‘bugs’ under the ultra violet light.  We had to count to 20 while we washed our hands.  We all had clean hands to eat our morning tea.  All children got a brochure to take home for parents.  Thank you to Kylie for organising this for us.

DSCF3150 DSCF3159 DSCF3154 DSCF3176

Carol Singing



Today we went up to the hospital to sing carols to the residents.  We dressed up in our Christmas costumes and we had a good time.  Chelsea sang her song “My Only Sunshine” and all the residents joined in.  It was beautiful and there were a few teary eyes as there was a special story for her family behind the song.  The hospital is part of our community and we enjoy visiting at least twice a year.

Christmas Printing

This was a fun and relaxing activity today.  Mrs Grant drew snowflakes onto foam trays.  The children traced over them with pen – digging into the foam as they went.  Then they roller painted over their pattern, put a piece of card on top and gently pressed it down.  The results were amazing and I think we might do some more tomorrow!


Playgroup Visit

Today we welcomed the Playgroup Parents and Children to our centre for morning tea and a play outside.  We had lots of people come.  The Pre school children were reminded to look out for the little ones in the playground and help them if they saw they were in trouble.  We had a great time.  Organising this session once each term gives the young children an opportunity to slowly become aquainted with Pre School and it enables teachers and Parents to get to know each other.



Blokus is a favourite game in Mrs Grant’s family and it is a favourite game at Pre School.  It is suitable for age 3 and up.  You can buy it in any games or department store and would be a great Christmas present for your family!



Anders brought some rambutan in for shared fruit this week.  none of us had ever tried it before.  It looked spiky but felt quite soft.  Rambutan is a fruit from South East Asia.  We had a taste.  It reminded Mrs Grant of lychee.  Some children liked it and some didn’t.  If we don’t like something we leave it on the side of our plate.  Anders has shared many different fruits with us this year.  He has brought in mango, coconut, tangalo, blood orange and pink grapefruit.