Christmas Wishes

To all our Pre School families we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Safe New Year.  It is a happy/sad day on our last day.  We are happy that the children are heading off to school full of enthusiasm and we are sad that they are leaving Pre School.  We are also sad to be saying good bye to some families as their last child leaves Pre School.

Those families who are signed up for our BLOG are invited to remain on our subscribers list into the future if you wish.  If you wish to unsubscribe and don’t know how to do it, send me a message in the new year  and I will do it for you.

Look for our new BLOG POSTS in February.

Enjoy your holidays.

Merrilyn and Gayle

One thought on “Christmas Wishes

  1. Thank you so much to Merrilyn and Gayle for making Pre-School such an enjoyable experience. The kids have grown so much over the past two years and are all ready for school, thanks to your brilliant teaching and preparation

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