Water Beads

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is nothing like water beads for sensory play on a hot day.  They feel so slippery and cool.  Water beads are commonly used in vases to keep flowers fresh.  They come in all colours and are cheap to buy on ebay.  They come as tiny seads, you add water and over night you have beautiful beads.

Today we used the clear beads in a container with some measuring instruments and a funnel.

Luke said “I’m going to play with the frost!”

2 thoughts on “Water Beads

  1. Welcome back!
    A wonderful activity for the hot weather.
    I like the mirrored partition – can you tell me about it sometime?

  2. We got mirror tiles from Bunnings and used liquid nails to glue them to a piece of board. On the other side we cut bamboo screening to fit. The board props between two tables.

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