Learning German

Today we had our first session in German.  We are very lucky to have a parent who is going to come in and teach us once a week.   We know that German is ‘about talking’.  Today we listened to German Nursery Rhymes and learnt the word for ‘mother’ and ‘father’.  We  focused on the rhyming words and the language sounds of a different language.  We also used the pictures for clues as to what the rhyme was going to be about.  (All good strategies for learning to read in the future.)   Each week I will post what we have learnt so that families can keep up with their children.

father         vater         (farter)

mother       mutter     (mooter)

Learning another language creates a formal time where the teachers can become learners with the children and model what good learning looks like.

Thanks Monika.  We are looking forward to our future lessons and to learning all about Germany and its culture.


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