German 2

This week in our German session we learnt about Karneval (Carnival)  Karneval is linked to Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day).  Shrove Tuesday is where people tradionally eat all the fancy food in their pantry in preparation for Lent (where people eat plain food) and this also marks the beginning of 40 days before Easter.  In Germany the people all wear fancy dress for Karneval and so we dressed up at Pre School.  Monika brought a treat to signify the cleaning out of the pantry.  During Karneval there are parades and people shout HALLO! (hello) to the spectators on the floats and the spectators yell HALLO! back.

This week we learnt three new Greman words:

Good day         Guten Tag    (Gooten Targ)

Hello                Hallo

Carnival          Karneval


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