Six Little Fish

This years children love to do songs with props and actions (the more action the better!) Their favourites are Five Little Ducks, Five Current Buns, Ten in the bed and Five Speckled Frogs.  Douglas had an idea to sing about fish instead of ducks.


So we found six fish pictures on clip art and made fish puppets.  We discussed what the differences between fish and ducks were:

fish swim

fish can’t go over the hill

fish can’t quack

We made up a new song:

Six little fish swam out one day

To the rocks to hide away

Mother fish went swish, swish, swish, swish

But only five little fish came back

(I know this last line doesn’t rhyme – it was tricky!!)

On reflection we might try this next week!

But only five little fish did as she wish

So now we have a new song at Pre School.

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