Tadpoles 2

Those who follow our BLOG will know that we tried to hatch frog eggs at Pre School in September 2013.  Unfortunately they hatched and then died.  In November I found some more frogs eggs in my pool.  This time I transfered them to my pond (3 metres) away – this saved them from the filter.  I talked to the children about not bringing them to Pre School this time because they would probably die again.  My family and I have watched the tadpoles hatch and gradually grow bigger and bigger over the past three months.  They have eaten a lot of boiled lettuce leaves!  And finally today, when I had nearly given up hope, I found a tadpole with back legs.  This is very exciting.  Hopefully I will see a few more in the coming days.  If any parents from last years group (or this years group) are driving past and want to come for a look you may.  If I am not at home – the children know where the pond is!  In the mean time I am trying to get a good photo to post.  Not the easiest thing to photograph!

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