A Great Dashboard


The Year 9 Advance group from Manangatang P-12 College made us an amazing vehicle dashboard for pretend play.  They have been working on it for a while.  It has foot pedals, steering wheel, windscreen, mirror and gear stick for us to play with.  The children quickly set up chairs behind and waited for their turn.  Thank you to Mr Richies and his team.  This was an amazing gift and will be treasured for gererations to come.  This is just another example of how the community support our pre school.  The Advance Group are also working on other projects for us.

4 thoughts on “A Great Dashboard

  1. It also impressed the parents! I wanted to have a go with the kids. Hours and hours of stimulating young minds ahead for this vehicle.

    • Hi Katelyn,
      Thank you for your comments. I tried to visit your BLOG but was blocked. Can you please send me an address for access?

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