Order is important for many things we do.  For example: When we make breakfast it would be very messy if we poured the cereal and milk before we got a bowl.  This week we have been challenging the children to think about the order of things .

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo do this we have been using sequencing cards.  Some are illustrations and some are photographs.  We started with trying to sequence three cards.  Next week we will work with four cards.

We encourage the children to tell us the ‘story’ once they have finished.  If they have the card in a different order they can self correct.

We are also using language such as first, second and third and beginning, middle and end.

Flying Bookworm

Today we went to Ouyen Pre School to watch the Flying Bookworm.  They told us three stories: Going on a Bear
Hunt, Caps for Sale and The Giant Turnip.
Luke, Lilly and Douglas got to help the actors.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then we went outside for a play and we made new friends.  After that we had lunch and an ice cream because it was someone’s birthday.  When we were driving to Ouyen Mrs Grant heard us talking German!


Children’s Comments:

Douglas:  I liked to have ice cream at Ouyen.

Lilly:  I liked to play with my friend and eat next to her.  I liked to have ice cream.


Luke:  I liked the digger with the thing that pushed the bucket up and down.  I liked making the quarry and the water creek with the sand pit, trucks and diggers.

Jake:  I liked to have ice cream, playing duck, Duck, Goose.  Markus and I played policeman with the other kids.

Mrs Grant:  I liked watching the children helping act out the stories.

Mrs Gayle  I like when Lilly was the mouse in the Giant Turnip.  She was the strongest!