Funky Monkey

We have swapped Cuddles the Bear for Funky Monkey (from Ouyen Kinder)  When teachers proposed this swap we had no idea how attached to Cuddles the Manangatang children were.  There were lots of discussions about this swap.  In the end we decided to take Cuddles to Ouyen to see if he liked it.  He did and the children finally agreed to leave him for a holiday.

We have had some lovely photos and captions from Ouyen children, so we know that Cuddles is having a lovely time.  We are making a book about Cuddles’ adventures in Ouyen.

In the meantime we are enjoying having Funky visit us.



This week we took Funky to the hospital to learn about hand washing and Funky got to enjoy our concert.


One thought on “Funky Monkey

  1. I hope Cuddles is having a wonderful time in Ouyen, we have enjoyed our first sleep over with Funky Monkey here in Douglas’ house. Funky Monkey and Chuck the Chimp got together for some amazing Monkey Mischief!

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