A ‘Laughing Day’


When I greeted Darcy on Tuesday morning he said “It’s a ‘laughing day’ today!’  I wasn’t sure what he meant by a ‘laughing day’ but Isaid, “That sounds like fun.”  He told all the children it was a ‘laughing day’.

So here is what a ‘laughing day’ looks like at Manangatang Pre school….

P1080488 P1080505 P1080497 P1080484

Painting footprints – this is a follow up from Tao’s comments about his holiday (“There were footprints in the cave.  Dragon footprints.”) and he and Darcy did dragon footprint paintings last week.

P1080371 P1080374

Then hand printing

P1080530 P1080535 P1080518 P1080516

Then rolling balls down the slide


All in all there were lots of giggles for the day!

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