Brock and Mrs Vine discovered some bees on the potting mix where we have planted our poppies.  They were getting a drink. Mrs Vine told Brock to be careful because bees can sting. Brock made up a little song about bees stinging.

P1080689 P1080690

We watched a DVD on how bees make honey and looked at a YouTube clip to learn further.

P1080705 P1080704 P1080701 P1080700

We made lots of hexagon shapes and glued them together to make a honeycomb.


We pretended that we were the worker bees collecting nectar and depositing it in the hive as we sang “Five Little Bees”

We discussed how the bees collect the nectar.  They have a very long tongue like a straw, called a proboscis, and they suck the nectar into their stomach and then they bring it back up and spit it into the honeycomb.  We simulated a proboscis at morning tea with a flower, straw and watered down apple juice.

P1080730 P1080729 P1080732


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