Play with Small Bits

This week the world tray has African Animals and lots of small bits for the children to make a habitat.  Playing in the world tray stimulates conversations between children and for the next two weeks they will be learing about the animals of Africa.  The small bits add lots of sensory experience to the play.

P1080913 P1080908

Responsible Pet Education

Every year we welcome Cecilia and her dogs to Pre School to learn about being responsible around dogs.  This year Cecilia brought in Elmo to teach us to recognise when a dog is happy or angry, when it is safe to touch dogs and we practiced by approaching Elmo and his owner to ask for a pat.

Remember: NO Owner, NO Leash, NO PAT

Children have some information in their pigeonholes.

P1080951 P1080948


Fine Motor Skills

P1080906 P1080905


We have been trying a few new activities to develop our fine motor skills further this week.  The first activity was using a fine brush to draw and write in coloured sand (thank you to Tao’s Mum for the donation of coloured sand) and drawing around an obstacle course of blocks with a texta.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone for the beautiful flowers,  cards and bottle of bubbly, as well as the yummy chocolate cake today.   It was a lovely surprise.  I will enjoy a special time on the weekend with my family celebrating this big occasion.

P1080877 P1080874

Bindi Bun Bun

Bindi Bun Bun had to find a new home and Mrs Gayle knew just the family.  We know that Tao and his Mum love animals.  This week Tao has brought in a grasshopper and two geckos and today he got to take home a rabbit!  But first Bindi Bun Bun spent the day with us all at Pre School.  Bindi Bun Bun spotted Tao’s special gentle way with animals immediately and they bonded well during the session.  Have fun with your new pet at home Tao.

P1080866 P1080834



P1080816This week we started a Kinderobics program at Pre School.  Each Tuesday for the rest of the Term, Year 9 students from Managatang P-12 College Advance Class are coming to Pre School to take the group for some exercises.  This week we focused on BALANCE.  We sang songs and moved to the music and we play with a wriggly rope.  Thanks girls – a great start.

Dress ups

The ‘Home Corner’ has been turned into a dress up corner this term.  We can dress up ourselves or our dolls.  Currently we are dressing ourselves in grass skirts and as pirates.  We have a bit of a polynesian theme going.

P1080777 P1080776 P1080774 P1080772 P1080771 P1080770

The Royal Flying Dental Service



On Thursday The Royal Flying Dentist visited our Pre School for education sessions with the children and parents and to give the children a check up.  We all got a toothbrush and a mirror to keep.  It is the first time this Dentist has visited a service where the children had no cavities.  Congratulations families – this is an amazing effort.  So there will be no reports in you mail slots next week!  This excellect result is a indication of your committment to feeding you children healthy foods and helping them clean their teeth regularly.