Bindi Bun Bun

Bindi Bun Bun had to find a new home and Mrs Gayle knew just the family.  We know that Tao and his Mum love animals.  This week Tao has brought in a grasshopper and two geckos and today he got to take home a rabbit!  But first Bindi Bun Bun spent the day with us all at Pre School.  Bindi Bun Bun spotted Tao’s special gentle way with animals immediately and they bonded well during the session.  Have fun with your new pet at home Tao.

P1080866 P1080834

2 thoughts on “Bindi Bun Bun

  1. Enjoy Bindi Bun Bun Tao. Jasper has decided after meeting Bindi Bun Bun that he would like a rabbit too one day.

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