Pop-UP Adventure Play – Week 1


Today was our first week of Pop-up Adventure Play. We were learning all about it and so were the children. This week the first group of P-3 Children from the school joined us. It was great having the older children who showed the Pre Schoolers the ‘possibilities’ with all the recycled materials provided.

Lots of children made cars. Some were attached with string and the children ran around with these. Cars also featured steering wheels, tyres and helmets. Anders, Marie and Co spent all day making a billy cart with wood and tyres – showing some great persistence.


There were lots of houses made. The girl’s houses had lots of decorations and some of the girls made dogs and a kennel. Hailee gave her neighbours food! Alex and Jay Jay connected lots of boxes for their house. The Pre schoolers had fun in here until it collapsed!

P1090036 P1090065 P1090055 P1090043P1090067

One group of children made a ship.

Lots of little things were made. Paintings and college, a table set up with plates, seats and serviettes, a pig and a shark – just to name a few.

Ann Grant was in charge of our recording table. She assisted the children to fill out their experiences in our “Thinking, Talking Floorbook”.

A great day was had by all and many children went home with their special creations. It’s amazing what can be created with ‘junk’.


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