Pop-up Play Week 4

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This was our last week of Pop-up Play at the Recreation Reserve for 2015.  Sea Lake Pre school children came to visit us this week.  Sometimes when we get together with other groups the children don’t mix – but today they did.  I had given the Manangatang children a bit of puppet role play before we went – but we could see the children mingling and it was great.  I really think the style of play had a lot to do with it.

The children from Sea Lake sent us some great reflections about their day with us.  They called us the ‘green people’ because we had the green vests on!

This week the school had a follow up Pop-up Play session for their activities afternoon, and one of our families is enjoying lots of box play at their house.  The message is spreading.

Thank you to the Manangatang families and community for supporting this initiative.  We have noticed  particular development in some children occuring at a rapid rate during this program (see your individual learning stories) which is very exciting for the teachers.

Thanks to everyone who dropped off ‘Junk”.  The community response was amazing.


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