Visual Motor Skills

Visual Motor Integration (sometimes called Eye/Hand Co-ordination), this is the ability
to control hand movement guided by vision. A child who is
challenged in this area has difficulty coordinating body movements
in response to what he/she seeing.

This week we used icypole sticks to focus on this area.  We had to look at a pattern and copy the shapes and match the colours.  Developing these skills is necessary prior to learning to read.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The skill areas affected in this domain are vast. Eye hand
coordination affects our ability to color, draw basic
strokes and pictures, solve mazes and dot-to-dot
pictures, write by hand, catch a ball, bat a ball, create
art, put a puzzle together, tie our shoes, build with
blocks, thread a needle and use scissors to name a few.

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