Robyn (our Maternal Child Health Nurse) has worked very hard to bring the SmallTalk program to Manangatang Families. We have lots of families participating and it is wonderful to see. The program is being run by Joelle Whiting (Mallee Family Care). Our Pre School Assistant, Jayne is also helping Joelle.

What is SmallTalk?

Supported Playgroupsfunded by the Department are required to deliver smalltalk to all participating families. Supported Playgroup facilitators are responsible for the delivery of smalltalk in Supported Playgroups and, more intensively, through In-Home Support for eligible families.
smalltalk is an evidence-based program that aims to introduce parents to a small number of parenting essentials that lead to optimal child outcomes, help parents become aware of the importance of their interactions with their child and increase the number and type of situations in which they engage in positive interactions. The parent-child interactions are:
• Warm and Gentle
• Tuning into Children
• Following your Child’s Lead
• Listening and Talking More
• Teachable Moments
• Shared Reading
Another important element of smalltalk is the encouragement provided to parents to look after their own health and wellbeing by developing positive social support networks and seeking professional help if stressed and not coping.
Smalltalk is a 10 week program during school term that is delivered one-on-one to eligible playgroup participants (see below).

2 thoughts on “SmallTalk

  1. Hi Mrs Grant,
    This week our topic was ‘warm and gentle’. Being warm and gentle builds your relationship with your child; your example helps your child learn positive ways to interact with others.
    Next week we will look at ‘Tuning in’.

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