Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Yesterday we iced and decorated biscuits for our Teddy Bear’s Picnic. The children said, “We should mix the blue and red icing together.”
Teacher: “What colour will that make?” Children: “Purple!” Teacher: “We have a spare bowl, so lets put a spoonful of red and a spoonful of blue in there and check.” So we made purple.
Today we had our Teddy Bears Picnic at lunch time. We all brought a plate of food to share. Some Families came along too! WE all had fun with our teddies. We role played Goldilocks and we did a learning story about our bears. Just like we are all different, so are our furry friends!

Playgroup Day

Today was perfect weather for the Playgroup Families to come to Pre School for morning tea and a play. WE had lots of families attend. Days like this offer transition experiences for families attending Pre School in future years. The children become familiar with our setting and the teachers and the teachers get to know the families. Thank you to everyone who came along.

Obstacle Course

Elise, Chayse and Lily made an obstacle course. They used a slide, gym mats, boards and hoops. Mitchell got all the balls and put them on the grass. Elise put ladders on both sides of the red frame. She said, “You need a ticket to go over!” Everyone joined in the game.

Muddy Puddles

Last night our region experienced a big storm. It kept some children awake and someone even had water pouring into their house. While it was very damp today, it was also hot. So we took the opportunity to do some playing in Muddy Puddles. We noticed that some puddles were warm and some were cold and some had squishy mud in the bottom. Some puddles were deep and some were shallow. Lots of new vocabulary and a great sensory experience.

Dragon Fruit

Lily brought a Dragon Fruit to Pre School for morning tea. A Dragon Fruit looks spectacular. However the taste is quite bland. Only two children were brave enough to have a try. We took our fruit to the hospital and showed the residents. Some had never seen a Dragon Fruit before. They were also not brave enough to taste it!! It was a great opportunity for an Enriched Learning experience.

The Earth and the Sun

When Elise arrive at Pre School on Wednesday morning she told me that the Earth went around the Sun. We found a clip on YouTube to show the 4 year olds how this happens. We also noticed that while the Earth was going around the Sun it was also spinning on its axis. We put a tub in the middle of the mat and pretended it was the Sun. Then, using our bodies as Earth, we spun as we moved around the Sun. We were soon very dizzy! WE also discussed that it takes 24 hours for the Earth to do one revolution , creating day and night and 365 days for the Earth to go completed around the sun, creating the seasons. This is a great example of using the 3a Approach to Notice-Nudge-Narrate and ensure that children are always increasing their knowledge.

Line Up

The children worked together to put all the unifix cubes in a line. It was nearly to the door. However they had run out of blocks. I reminded them about the book called ‘Line Up’ . In this story the little boy line up all of his toys until they reach the kitchen, where his mother is waiting for him to come to lunch. The children found some other toys until they reached the door. Mrs Gayle helped the children measure the line using fairy steps. It was 58 fairy steps long!


Last week we visited the supermarket. A lot can be learnt from walking around the supermarket. Firstly we learned that Easter Bunny is coming soon with all the Easter Egg displays! Then Steven found a punnet of strawberries in the dairy aisle and immediately noticed they were in the ‘wrong place’. (we had to find their correct home) and finally the children all got to buy a box of jelly. This experience allowed them to handle money and receive change. The children were able to take their jelly home to make with their families. We made a packet up at Pre School. Mrs Grant mistakenly forgot to put the jelly back in the fridge and it grew lots of mould over the weekend. What an science experience. We couldn’t eat the jelly and had to make another packet up. Of course jelly doesn’t set quickly and we had to be patient and wait over night to sample our cooking. Some food is best kept in the fridge!