Last week we visited the supermarket. A lot can be learnt from walking around the supermarket. Firstly we learned that Easter Bunny is coming soon with all the Easter Egg displays! Then Steven found a punnet of strawberries in the dairy aisle and immediately noticed they were in the ‘wrong place’. (we had to find their correct home) and finally the children all got to buy a box of jelly. This experience allowed them to handle money and receive change. The children were able to take their jelly home to make with their families. We made a packet up at Pre School. Mrs Grant mistakenly forgot to put the jelly back in the fridge and it grew lots of mould over the weekend. What an science experience. We couldn’t eat the jelly and had to make another packet up. Of course jelly doesn’t set quickly and we had to be patient and wait over night to sample our cooking. Some food is best kept in the fridge!

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