The artist we are studying this term is Dutch artist – Mondrian. He was born in 1872 and died in 1944. Today we read a story that was illustrated in his ‘cubist style’ and started two pieces of art. One was a painting and the other is a collage. We also had a go at creating a work in his style on an iPad App called My Mondrian (it is free if you want it for home) Mondrian ‘cubist style’ work is characterised by parallelograms (squares and rectangles) made from black lines and coloured in with red, blue, yellow, grey, black and white. We will also be talking about vertical and horizontal lines during this time.

Visiting the Hospital with Play Dough

We went to the hospital for our monthly visit on Wednesday. This time we made playdough and took it with us. We also took all of our tools and we had a lovely session on the verandah in the sun. Working with playdough helps to strengthen the muscles in our hands. Children need to build strong muscles in order to write and complete other fine motor tasks. The seniors need these exercises to maintain their muscles.

Responsible Pet Education

Today we had the Responsible Pet Education Incursion. Bonnie the dog visited to teach us how to be safe around dogs. We learnt to check with the owner before we touch a dog, only touch a dog on a lead, let the dog come to us and sniff our hand before we attempt to pat it on the back and to stand still with our hands by our side and eyes looking down if a dog is aggressive.