Jungle Animals

Today we adapted an Abecedarian Game called “What’s Gone?” to help learn the names of the animals in the jungle. The children have been confused between a tiger and a lion and also a zebra and a giraffe. The lion is particularly confusing because only the male has a mane and the female can be easily confused with other large cats. In the game we had an elephant, tiger, lion, zebra and giraffe. After ensuring the children could correctly label each animal, I got them to close their eyes and I took one away. The children had to say which animal was ‘gone’ or ‘missing’. They learnt the ‘rule’ of the game was that they couldn’t look behind my back… they had to remember. After a few times they got to be the teacher. You can play this game with any objects. This will help build your child’s vocabulary and help them develop memory strategies.

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