Conversational Reading

Conversational Reading is a 3a strategy we are using at Pre school every day with every child. it involves ‘reading’ a story with one or two children and using the “See, Show, Say’ prompts to encourage a back and forth conversation between the child and educator. For the older children we sometimes use the ‘Notice, Nudge, Narrate’ strategy to encourage back and forth conversation. Using this strategy encourages language development.

One thought on “Conversational Reading

  1. Good morning Mrs Grant,
    This remind me of the smalltalk strategy of “listening and talking more” :
    -Give choices
    -start conversations
    -take turn
    -clear, exaggerate and repeat
    -describe, label and ask

    For example, a parent might ask:

    ‘Do you want an apple or an orange for morning tea?’

    Wait for the child to respond, either verbally or non-verbally.

    Parent might add:

    ‘Red apples are delicious’

    Have a great weekend everyone 🙂


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