Authentic Dough – Pasta

This week we made Spaghetti Bolognaise for our Authentic Dough Experience. First we made and kneaded the dough and then let it rest. When we were kneading we learnt to fold the dough in half and use the heal of our hand and press hard (past dough is quite tough to start with). A great activity to strengthen our hand muscles. While the dough was resting, we made the bolognaise sauce. The children wanted to taste the vegetable stock (disgusting was the general verdict!) Then we put our dough though the pasts machine twice. Once to roll it flat and once to turn it into spaghetti. This was a great workout for our arms. We while we were cooking we talked about Italy. Did you know that Peppa Pig went to Italy? She ate pizza in Italy. We all agreed that it was a very yummy lunch. There was lots of Notice, Nudge, Narrate in the cooking conversation.

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