Lynn (HIPPY Co-ordinator) and Jayne (HIPPY Tutor) came to Pre School this week and showed us how to make no-sew, tie rugs. The children got to make one each to take home and we made one for Stevens new baby (DJ). The Mum’s came in to help us. It was a fun afternoon and we all slept warm last night. Thank you Lynn and Jayne for organising this.

Brendan Kennedy

Brendan Kennedy is an Aboriginal Artist from Robinvale. He came to Pre School and told the children stories through his paintings. We can have stories told to us, read from books and also told through art. We learnt and Emu Song and Dance in Aboriginal Language. Boy emus and girl emus have different dance moves. Then we got to colour in some emus. Brendan also brought in some Aboriginal tools to show us. Brendan will be visiting on a regular basis for the rest of the year. This is a nice lead in to our Bush Kinder experiences occurring at the end of the term.

Snakes and Ladders

Mrs Gayle is teaching the children Snakes and Ladders. The children have to read the numbers on the die, work out what the two die equal together (this could involve counting all or counting on) and then moving one-to-one on the board. Then we must be able to take turns. Of course there is the joy when you get to go up a ladder and the disappointment when you have to go down a snake. However it is only a game and we must ensure our reactions are appropriate.

A Rainy Day

What do you do on a rainy day?
Play with umbrellas of course!
The children had fun collection water in buckets and walking between the shelters on the cold and rainy day. Rain is such a joy in the Mallee and the children sense this joy at home – as our families rely on the rain to grow crops.
After a play in the rain – we did water colour eyedropper paintings.


Today we had Lynn Tolley (HIPPY CO-ORDINATOR) and Miss Jayne (HIPPY TUTOR) came to Pre school and helped us make a No-sew tie blanket to take home. The children got to choose their fabric and an adult helped with cutting and tieing. The children loved their blankets!