Transition to School

Today we had another Transition to School day for next years Preps. The children visited the office, Art room and the P/1 room. In the Prep room we played games an played on the iPads. WE heard a story about a working dog. Dur

ing the next four months we will make four more visits to the school and experience different parts of school life.

Night Bush Kinder

Last Wednesday we went to Green Lake with the Sea Lake Pre School Community for Night Bush Kinder. We had a BBQ for tea and we loved running around with our torches. Ron (Koorie Educator) told us some stories and painted faces with ochre. Bron told us some star stories from the Boorong people. Thank you to all the families who came and to Mrs Gayle for driving the bus. Thank you to Sea Lake Pre School for being welcoming hosts.

Bush Kinder – Week 1

In our first week of Bush Kinder we became familiar with the site and the boundaries. We revised our safety knowledge around snakes, spiders and fire. The children had fun climbing everything. Steven found a bouncy branch and lots of fun was had bouncing up an down. The children sat someone at the base of the tree – with the ‘controls’ – the controller even had a seatbelt! Willie (Koorie Educator) came and there were lots of discussions about tracks and recognising the different animals by their tracks. WE had a fire and the children got to cook marshmallows. We went for a walk and we will gradually do longer walks throughout our Bush Kinder program.