Pop-up Adventure Play – Week 2






AS you can see by the first photo – we are starting to build up a ‘town’ of box constructions.  The children are using old sheets to create hidey holes and love eating their food ‘picnic’ style in the ‘homes’.  This week we found a bat in a sheet.  The children were fascinated and took lots of opportunities to peep at the bat during the day.  Hopefully this will lead to some ‘project learning’ on bats next week.

Pop-up Adventure Play

 Pop – up Adventure Play is a movement sweeping across the world.

(Please google if you would like more information)  We have made Pop-up Adventure Play a part of our Pre School Program.  We go over to the Big Shed at the Recreation Reserve and play with recycled materials for the day.

Here the children were making a box brick wall.  It was fun to push it down as well.  At the end of the day Daniel said, “We have been busy workers today.”  And yes we were!  Another three weeks of this play to enjoy every Thursday.


Technology and Easter






Staff recently participated in a STEAM PD.  Our challenge this week was to integrate this new learning with Easter.  We set the children a challenge to make a house for two fluffy chicks using any building materials they could find.  Then we interviewed the children to determine their thinking during the challenge and to ensure a language element was added to the challenge.

Here are the conversations:


Tell me about your house.

The chicky goes in the house

How did you build it?

Out of blocks

What were you thinking about?

I was thinking about that there was no door.


Tell me about your house.

Cribby House (from an old video game) The chicks are called Crebby and Mummy.

How did you build it?

With glass bricks and blocks and LEGO

What were you thinking about?

Playing with it.

What is this bit at the top?

It’s a tree for a shady bit.


Tell me about your house.

See how I put the blocks on.

The chickys stay in.

How did you build it?

That’s their roof

What were you thinking about?

Something ate the chicky’s brains. I don’t know how I was thinking about that. It just go into my head.

The chicky’s are called Freddy and Fluffy.


Tell me about your house.

Them live in it.

How did you build it?

Around and around

What were you thinking about?

Them look good. This one here is the door (Removes the blue block to show me)






Easter Picnic Lunch

We don’t always celebrate Easter at Pre School because often the date falls late in the holidays – but this year the dates were perfect for a big celebration.

On the last day of Term 1 we had a big Easter Celebration Lunch with Pre School and Playgroup families at the Pre School.  Thank you to all the families who came along.  We enjoyed Easter Egg Hunts, the parachute, playing with water beads, playing in the sand pit and finding rainbow rocks and eating all the delicious food.  We made Easter baskets, Bunny Faces, Savory Pinwheels and we also did some painting.  It was a busy day.  Enjoy your holidays and be safe on the roads.