Mrs Gayle found a Shape Song (to the tune of 5 Little Monkeys) on YouTube and we made some shapes and sang the song. We have started learning a new shape song which has some harder shape words in it – this song talked about the number of ‘sides’ on each shape.






Jaice loves shapes and numbers.  While we were eating lunch he laid out all the ‘shape puppets’ on the table.  Then he carefully selected a shape for each child and gave it to them.  Then he collected them all back again and repeated the process – giving each child a different shape.

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    • YouTube: Five Little Shapes – Nursery Rhymes (Oh my genius – Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs. I will email you the shapes – we laminated and added sticky eyes and icypole sticks for the kids to hold.

  1. You prompted me to look for some others, and of course you can piggy back onto known songs – we liked If you’re holding a (Shape) stand up…to the tune of if you’re happy and you know it…then they sit down and the next shape can be called. Also Put a square over here… thanks for the link..

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