We have been talking about telling stories in sequence with the four year olds this week.  A story has a beginning, middle and end.  The children had a go at sequencing picture cards and then telling the story.

Some of the children told the story, then sequenced the cards.

Some of the children sequenced the cards and told the story.

Some of the children self corrected their sequence when their story didn’t make sense

And some of the children went from right to left instead of left to right.  All interesting observations for a teacher!!


We have been playing with toy money in our supermarket for two weeks.  This week we did some play with real money.  We did some money sorting, looked at coins through a magnifying glass and talked about the prints on the money.

Xavier’s Bath






One of the children is expecting a new baby and there has been a lot of talk about babies among the children.  We asked Lisa and Zoe if they could bring baby Xavier in for a bath at Pre School.  The children enjoyed seeing this.  The experience compliments our learning about the names of body parts and how we keep ourselves clean.  Next week we will have some fun bathing the Pre School Dolls.  Thank you Lisa, Zoe and Xavier.

Our Garden






In our garden our leafy green vegetable are flourishing.  We have to water them if it doesn’t rain – but if it rains we can leave them grow on their own.  Our lemons are ready to pick and we will cook with these next week and finally today we noticed that our crocuses have burst through the soil.  We should have some pretty flowers soon.  Is Spring on it’s way already?

Snow Fun





We have had some fun exploring SNOW at pre school this week.  The children had an esky full of snow to play with for the day.  (Thanks Tim)  They were able to touch it and taste it.  We added the polar animals to the experience.  We took the snow outside and watched it melt in the sun.  WE read a story called a Snowy Day and we have had some fun (and improved our cutting skills) with some snow related craft work.  Snow is cold!


The swing experience just got a bit harder this term.  The children have the choice of two swings – one offering a bit more support and one designed for the children to learn the art of swinging their legs to keep the momentum.

Hospital Visit

On Wednesday we visited the Residents at the Hospital and played a giant game of ‘Snakes and Ladders’.  We were practicing one-to-one counting, numeral recognition and resilience.  It’s not much fun when you have to slide down a snake and start all over again.  And of course there can only be one winner and that can’t be YOU all of the time.

Pete the Cat

I’m not sure how we have missed knowing about the ‘Pete the Cat’ books until recently.  (Thanks Bree for adding another book to our favourites!)

We love Pete the Cat and his Groovy Buttons.  The book is great for counting but we really like the resilience message in the story.

“Did Pete cry?”

“Goodness no!”

“Buttons come and Buttons go”

“He just kept walking along and singing his song.”

We made “Pete the Cat” with jumbo icypole sticks, buttons and a head.

The Wind






We had some very windy weather on Tuesday.  We read the story Rosie’s Hat.  The wind is funny because you can’t see it you can only see what it does.  On Tuesday the wind snapped a very large limb off a gum tree just outside the outdoor area.  The limb blocked the road and Mrs Gayle couldn’t drive her bus through.  Hunter’s Dad came with a chainsaw to cut the limb up and move it away.  We went for a walk to inspect the damage.

Shapes and Numerals

The children have enjoyed playing with the ‘shape puppets’ and singing the song “Five little Shapes jumping on the bed” so much that we made some cartoon numeral puppets.  Jaice loves to order the numerals and share them out with his friends at lunch time.